How to go live on Tik Tok (PROBLEM SOLVED)

So how can we go live on tick tock without 1000 followers?
What you want to do you is to follow these simple steps : 

1) Open the tik tok app

2) go to home button or discover

3) Press the middle button. if you can’t go live right now then you have
only 60 seconds, 50 seconds and photo templates

4) Now what you need to do is, go to the upper right corner ( Three dots)

5) Report a problem

6) Go to live/Transaction

7) Go to ”I’d like to start a live. When they ask is your problem resolved? Click on No. A message box will appear.

8) Write a message to Tik Tok About going live. It should look similar to this : 


Once done, you will go have the option to go live on Tik Tok in a day or two.

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