10 Best Digital Products To Sell Online & Make Money


 You can actually sell add-ons. And this could be something for Salesforce, for WordPress, for Drupal, for basically any of the platforms out there you can sell add-ons for. And it could be themes, plug-ins, extensions, such as Chrome extensions, or basically anything that extends the functionality of a product that’s already been established. It’s a good thing too ’cause you can come in, where there’s a lot of people you can find a lot of different people who are having the same problem or want the same feature that maybe Salesforce is just not giving to them, or no one else is providing them. And you can be able to find those and really actually make that product, put it into a salesforce catalogue, and then from there, you get a lot of users who actually want your service and product from the start. It’s an excellent way to start.


The first digital product you can sell is gonna be an eBook or book. And there’s a multitude of different places you can sell eBooks and books online. Majority of you and the majority of every people I talk to think that eBooks are just for, really only lead magnets or generating leads or getting emails from that way. But you can sell your eBooks and make substantial income off of it as well. A couple of different places you can sell ’em on is Google Play, Amazon Kindle, which is the biggest, iBook, also NOOK, which would be through NOOK Press, and then ClickBank, as well, are a couple of different places you can sell your eBook.


There’s a lot of different places you can sell online courses as well, such as your website. Also too, such as Skillshare or Udemy. This is an excellent way to get a good income, and especially if you’re on a platform. Cause you’re going not only just using your marketing ways to push and generate and get users actually to sign up for your course, but you also get Udemy and Skillshare, who push users to you as well, to help you get more actual sign-ups and more students as well.,So it’s a good thing to do.


If you are a programmer or anyone who programs in PHP, Ruby or Python or any other languages, or even UBot as well, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to sell your different digital products, selling different software online. This software could be stuff like social media posters, or calendars, or anything along those lines that you possibly can do online. And again the SaaS products that you see. And there’s a good thing about selling products online that anyone can be able to do it. You don’t have to worry about downloading anything, and you don’t have to worry about them actually having the right Problems with their system, or anything like that. But it’s a good place to actually get, and get a lot of monthly subscribers to sign up, and actually get a monthly payment from them, and to build a good passive income from it, as well.


 Another good software that you can really start trying is downloadable software. And this is a software that anyone can actually download to their computer, or to basically anywhere, like to their laptop or their Mac or whatever system they’re on, and be able to use it. And really, it’s really based on, for getting them to be able to do anything on a computer that might be some automation or basically any type of tool that they can use. You can also sell downloadable games as well


 These can be anything from Android apps or iOS apps or Windows apps. These can be actually the mobile apps that you sell for actually a price that does a specific function, such as different filters for a batch of videos or photos. Or it could be something that actually goes into depth into actually like some type of service that you give for free, and then basically you sell advertisement on top of it that make money. And those are a couple of different ways you make, selling mobile apps as well, that aren’t just mobile apps for a service that you sell. But there’s a huge industry out there. There are three huge ecosystems that you can possibly sell different too. And especially if you come with something specific that’s unique, you can make a lot, of money doing so.


 These can be anything from music, or photos, graphic designs items, and videos as well. You can sell different stock items that you take around the house, or basically go to Dollar Tree and take a whole bunch of little pictures of the different items you actually purchased, for different marketers to be able to use. A couple of places you can actually get started selling these online is Shutterstock and also in the Valto marketplace such as GraphicRiver and different places you can sell on there as well.


 This can be anything from Microsoft Word templates to even contract templates to anything, that helps people do something more easier and gives them a structured way of doing it. You can sell tons of templates online. You can even sell these on Etsy. You can sell these on ClickBank. There are tons of places you can sell these on, even on your website as well. This is a good way to start off, too, as well.


 This could be anything from music to photos or to images that you have created, any type of artwork that you possibly created to distribute across online. You can sell this on Etsy. You can sell this on Amazon and tons of different places you can possibly sell these to and make a lot of money doing this right here. This is gonna make money for those of you out there who are artists and probably having to try to find a way actually to distribute their art to multiple people


This could be really good if you’re selling something that has multiple courses in it or has a different type of templates that you want people to use or just to create a good community to help them do something in a specific niche. Such as different things that you can do as like if you were talking about the cooking industry. A good thing to do is to create something where they can have all their recipes on there, videos that you walk them through how to create different dishes or different plans of how to even go through and actually go through grocery shopping list and give them templates on that too as well. Membership sites are really good when you’re trying to actually walk somebody through the whole process of going through a niche or actually doing something in a tutorial format.

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