How to Become a Copywriter Without Experience

Nowadays, Tons of people are earning seven figures with internet business with zero employees through copywriting. We’re going to share with you a four-step sequence from which you can learn & start copywriting without experience.


Find a niche


Find a niche, how to write it, and how to test it to become a successful copywriter. So if you want to start copywriting, writing compelling advertisements but you have zero experience, you’re in a great place because not many people know about copywriting. It’s a skill. It’s a great skill that if you build, you can earn any money for whatever company or even yourself if you’re very good at it. First thing you want to do when you’re starting copywriting is finding a niche Find something to specialize in. It’s essential. Now the three main niches are health, wealth and relationships, okay? Health means like beauty and fitness, and you know losing weight and looking good. You know, wealth -making money. You know from real estate, from selling, from marketing, from whatever. Stock trading that’s investments. That’s that niche and then relationships. The third one is all about you know interpersonal relationships. Dating, finding a girlfriend, finding a boyfriend, you know resolving disputes, etc. It’s a big part of people’s lives. Now once you’ve defined your niche,  you need to find some good marketing material. In copywriting, we call them – controls. Where can I find marketing that is already working? Having controls – marketing that works is the most important thing when your copywriting. If you’re basing what you’re writing off of just the creative ideas in your mind, you’re not copywriting. (Free resource for copywriting)


Now what I recommend you use is This site’s a free resource right now. Use this before they start charging for it. This is amazing. You can find so many examples of great copywriting on here. We can’t believe this is free right now. So go to Type in your niche. Weight loss, dating, skincare, you know, lawnmowers, etc. and find some examples of great ads that have been written. What you need to do then is you need to write them down. Write down the ads by hand. Every single line. Every single piece of punctuation. Write them down by hand because this is actually how you learn to Copywrite. Sounds weird. I know, but this is how all of the greats learned. The more you write it down, the more you’ll begin to think in terms of marketing, and you’ll get better at it.,






Testing means you need to put it into use somewhere. You need to get people viewing your sales letter or your ad or whatever it is and seeing how people respond to it. There are a few ways to do this. I mean one is you can pay Google or Facebook for advertising. You can just put your ads up.  Copy somebody else’s ad and then test out your ad against it and see which is more effective in terms of interaction. When you’re able to see if the advertising you’re doing is more effective than other people’s advertisements, that’s when you start becoming a compelling copywriter. That’s when you start getting feedback loops to help you determine, numerically whether the ads whether the copy you are writing is more effective than someone else’s.

Most of the people who choose a niche will not write down by hand. Most of you who will write down your copy will never test it. So there is a lot of potential in this market if you stay committed.

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