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Weight loss is the biggest niche in online marketing and affiliate marketing. Everyone around the world is getting more and more overweight because of the lifestyle we are in. Taking advantage of that, you can make a lot a lot of money promoting weight loss affiliate programs. We’re  going to go over five best weight loss affiliate programs here. 


1) GNC

GNC is probably the most well known company in the United States. GNC has an affiliate program you can join. They have a ton of brands and you could market them and get a cool 5% commission. Now, a 5% commission  isn’t that cool but we’re going to go over some other, programs from which you can earn as much as 75% commission from or $50.00 per sale.


 The next affiliate program is also a very well known, supplement store that sells a lot of weight loss supplements. If you’re, looking to advertise big brands, you want to be affiliated with them and you want to really take that trust from these big companies. Vitamin shoppe is a supplement store most people use  forprotein powder and workout supplements  &  you can earn 9% commission, marketing them.


Organifi is one of the top affiliate programs on clickbank. The first thing you’re going to want to do to, market this program is you will create an account and sign up with them.  Organifi gives 76 dollar Commission per sale  They also have an affiliate page with lots of resources that you can use to promote them and on their affiliate page, they detail out what products you’ll be marketing. Best of them is green juice. It’s the top trending & best selling product in health niche.


The fourth weight loss program which you kind of saw already is called the flat belly fix training. it’s more of an eCourse. As opposed to organifi where you’re,actually getting a physical product. They pay out 75%,commission for each sale. And it’s also the number one selling product on the Clickbank marketplace. Selling millions and millions and millions of dollars per month. Now, if you haven’t heard a flat belly fixed before, it’s because it’s not marketed in stores, its marketed by online marketers. And they pay out $38 per sale. Now, even though they pay out less money than organifi, keep in mind the product price itself is only about $47 dollars whereas organifi, you have to get the customer to commit a bit more money so that you can make those bigger commissions. But once again, this is the top selling product on Clickbank for a reason because it just converts and it converts like wildfire. This is a very good product if you want to get your start in marketing weight loss programs.


Now, the next place you can find weight loss offers, it’s actually an affiliate network called above all offers.  You can get paid as much as $50 for each sale you refer over here. what’s great about this is that these are actually some of the most best weight loss affiliate offers that you can get because you’re getting $50 per sale. But what the customer actually has to pay is only $5. So, it’s much easier to get a conversion from the products on above all offers. But that’s because they’re  promoting free trial offers okay? So, people are putting $5 down, but they’re getting a recurring monthly charge on their credit card to have access to the these weight loss supplements that you are getting. So, it’s kind of aggressive. Most ad networks such as Facebook and Google don’t really like ads for free trial offers because their inherent problems, if people forget they signed up for a free trial and they don’t cancel it they get Auto Billed. And some customers don’t like that. But that being said, it’s not too hard to get,somebody to pay $5 online. And if you can get somebody to pay $5,which is like a cup of coffee nowadays, you actually get $50.

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