4 Best Jobs You Can Get Without a 4 Year College / University Degree



The first career we’re going to discuss pays an average of $55,000 a year according to Glassdoor. This is a great career if you are interested in managing a company’s Social media. This does not mean messing around on Facebook all day looking at videos of cats. This actually means hard work in automating using software to manage a company’s social presence & analyzing statistics about the Social media. For example, What posts are getting the most engagement and being creative and having original thoughts in figuring out what sort of posts you need to put up For that company to get engagement and shares and comments and ultimately new Customers. So, social media is a fun job, but it does require original thoughts and data analysis to do. But for that, you get a cool $55,000 year using the sites that lots of people use every day.



The next career which requires no degree to get in is ad operations manager. Ad Operations manager also abbreviated ad ops is a great career where you’re not necessarily doing the marketing yourself, but you are hiring other marketing agencies to do the job for your company. You have to keep tabs on the companies that you hire to do your marketing whether you’re sending out letters, to your customer base or whether you are putting ads on TV or on the radio or online on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. ad operations is a great place to get started to understand you’ll have to do some data analysis, you’ll have to do a lot of meetings and you’ll have to do management ultimately, to make sure that everybody is doing their job to help market the company that you’re working for.


According to glassdoor, this career pays $73,000 on average per year. Now, what an online marketing manager does is essentially you are not just managing othermarketing agencies but you are actually implementing marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. Whatever the channel is, you are implementing those marketing campaigns for a business. There are no colleges that actually teach you Facebook advertising or Google advertising. These are the things that either have to be self taught or you learn on your own or whatever. You know, you can do them on your own. These are all free things to sign up for. Google, Facebook,YouTube and you can test it out on your own.


This career pays an average of $90,000 a year & you don’t need a college degree to get into this career. Unlike the last 3 jobs or careers that we went over, you don’t actually need to do much. It’s not as much data analysis focus. As it is focused on really empathizing with, users and being a little bit more creative. As a UI/UX designer, you’re helping a company craft the user experience of how people navigate the website. Have you ever been on a website and you’ve just said to yourself, “I can’t, find a certain thing I’m looking for Or you’ve been on a website and you were confused by how certain elements interacted with each other. Well, that’s considered bad user design or bad user experience. And the job of a UI or UX designer is making a website flow neatly. If you see websites like Airbnb or  an app like Uber, they’re very easy to use. You could just download the uber app and you know exactly what to do to request a lyft or a taxi or whatever you’re using. So, that’s a good user interface and good user interface is based off of design and also really just understanding how people use apps or how people use the internet. You have to do a bunch of wireframes where you’re working in Adobe,Photoshop and you’re kind of wire framing what the site or what the app should look like and how it shouldfunction. Now, this is the stuff that you can learn on your own by watching youtube videos or taking courses on udemy.

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